My Joyful Cat!

Everything I learned about joy and receiving I learned from my cat, Kona.

It’s time to buy a new perch for him and we’re getting the same one we got last time, through Amazon.   I learned so much about being joyful and receiving fully the day I unpacked that perch!   I can’t wait for this one to arrive!

It was a big box – Kona, of course, jumped on it and sniffed.  Then I opened the box and he knew!   Somehow he knew it was for him!  As I put every piece together he writhed and wriggled in joy!  He swarmed through the tube part when it was still on the ground!  And as the perch grew upwards he jumped upwards and twined around it (and me) – purring madly.     It was such a lesson to me of receiving with joy.   He didn’t stop to say, ‘oh, you shouldn’t have’, or ‘that’s too much’, or ‘all of this for me?’ or ‘what can I give you in return?’.   He just received it with pure joy!

And it started me wondering – when did or do I receive like that?   With total gratitude and joy?

And you?  Do you receive gifts or affection or the sun on your face after a long rainy winter or the singing of the birds or kindness from a friend…or…or…or…with unadulterated joy and gratitude?

What would it take for each of us to receive with joy everything that comes our way?  The good, the bad, the ugly and the miraculous?   To receive each day as a gift and be joyful?   I have realized – it is just a choice!   What do you choose?  Do you get that it would change your life? (and maybe your money situation and relationships and more)?

As for me and my cat – we’re going to joyfully watch out the window for the delivery truck! And purr…

With joy and gratitude,

Zesty and Kona

Your new best friend- Justan Ipov!

Do you ever wake up worrying? or thinking of all the things you ‘should’ do? or picture what could go wrong with such and such?  Or have those thoughts circling in your brain endlessly…endlessly…

Please meet your new best friend, Justan Ipov* (aka just an interesting point of view).  The next time you wake and worry, think of Justan and say to yourself a few times ‘interesting point of view I have that point of view, interesting point of view I have that point of view’ and, I promise, you will lighten the load! and the more you say it the lighter it will be.  Good friend, eh?

And, if your worry is with another person (or you’re in the middle of a ‘discussion’ with someone) say to yourself, ‘interesting point of view I have that point of view, interesting point of view they have that point of view’ over and over.  Trust me, it works!

The thing is – those thoughts are just thoughts you make up and you don’t have to embed them in stone – there are other possibilities.  However, until you make another choice (Justan Ipov) no other possibilities are possible. Does that make sense?

I’m not talking about the waking at 3am thinking, ‘I have to pick up the turkey tomorrow’.  I”m talking about the thoughts like, ‘I have to pick up the turkey, I’ll never remember, I’ve got too much to do, when will I fit that in? oh, did I get the right thing for Barb or will she think I’m cheap, Bob wrote me a card and I haven’t sent one to him, what if the cat gets sick again on the rug, I don’t have time to get it cleaned, is there enough food for the cat until payday????’ etc etc etc!!!  Try it!  When your thoughts start going crazy stop and remember Justan Ipov and say it over and over and, guess what?  Other possibilities start to emerge ‘oh, Jim is going to be going right by the butcher tomorrow, he can pick up the turkey’ and ‘I’ll send Bob one of those cute email cards, he’ll even get it on his phone’, etc. etc.

I’m going to be daring…and dare you to use Justan Ipov for everything for 3 days.  Every thought, every worry, every but or because.   When you do, text Zesty at 778-227-2257 with your results!

I’m so happy to introduce you to Justan Ipov, he’s my best friend, too!!

Your in ease…


*Thanks to Access Consciousness!  What is Access Consciousness?


‘Real’ Life. Worry about it.


PerceptionYears ago I worked briefly for an advertising company and one of their mottos was, ‘perception is reality’, and one of the cute-but-not-bright salesmen used to tell his clients, “perception is real!”.  We laughed at him then for misquoting and…hmmm…  Even science tells us now that what we focus on will expand or at least be altered.  What we choose to believe and what we tell ourselves over and over becomes our reality, becomes real.  It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as the story about the New York musician who was so worried about going blind that he would practice getting around with closed eyes or dark glasses and a white cane so he would know what to do if that ever came to pass and, guess what, he did go blind.

“Worry is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.” (Abraham-Hicks) What are you worried about? Worry is a good way to create just what you don’t want. We’ve all heard that phrase by now, ‘what you focus on expands’ – one of those clichés that makes people roll their eyes – and yet, we all know, deep down, it’s true. If every time we look in the bathroom mirror all we see is our expanding belly and we worry and obsess over our expanding belly well, you know, we get ever-expanding belly.  (not that I have any personal experience with this 😉

So, my suggestion is stand in front of the bathroom mirror and see your body as beautiful and your belly as slimmer and tauter and it will make you stand up straighter and breathe deeper and, yes, if you keep doing that every day and every time you pass a mirror you will start making choices (perhaps in foods choices or movement choices or ?) that will create the slimmer and tauter belly (trust me on this, it led me with ease to Pilates and dragon boating and I’m slimmer and fitter and happier).

What about business?  If you focus on and worry about declining sales/customers/clients, that is all you will see and all you will create and that is no fun and, at the very least, that exudes desperation and repels sales/customers, and will continue the downward spiral.  What if you focused on the sales/customers you have, be grateful for them, ask the universe for more of that – more of the joy and fun and expansion of sales/customers/clients and choose that energy over and over.  I promise that will create such a different ‘reality’ for you.  You’ll become aware of new marketing ideas, meet new people, even get customers out of the blue (truth!) and more!

I hope you’re getting the energy of this.  Our points of view, our decisions, conclusions and judgements (aka worry) create what shows up in our world.  What if we choose to live each day in the energy of ‘What miraculousness can I be and create today?’

I’m your biggest fan!