We all hear the talk about gratitude, it’s one of the ‘buzzwords’ these days, but do you get why it is so crucial?   One of my colleagues has an evocative phrase, “gratitude melts barriers”.  Wow! Do you ‘feel’ the energy of that?  What if we chose that – always? Do you think your life would change?

Gratitude and judgment cannot co-exist.  Can you imagine how differently you could walk through your day – your world – with the attitude of gratitude for everything?  The non-judgement of everything, including and especially yourself! The good, the bad, the ugly, the wonderful, the embarrassing, the joyful, the humdrum?   What else could you create while your gratitude melts all the barriers you meet every day?  People are attracted to that space of non-judgement and gratitude like bees to nectar and sometimes are even inspired to do the same – often without you saying anything!  I can attest that my deliberately choosing gratitude for my husband in gnarly situations changed the energy for both of us and literally reestablished the joy in our marriage.

Someone who inspires me daily,  Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness™ says, “When you are not grateful for everything in your life, then you become the effect of those things you are not grateful for.”   That’s expanding on “what you resist persists”.  Not the most comfortable information and yet, life-changing.   What if you were grateful for everything in your life – EVERYTHING? Yes, EVERYTHING!   Try it for 24 hours or 3 days or a full week and see how your life changes.   Well, maybe not – you can’t do that, it’s too hard.  Sorry I asked.

I am excited to share that I have a new ‘professional’ certification – I am now a Right Voice for You™ Facilitator (a specialty branch of Access Consciousness™).    I am so grateful to be playing with that information, tools and techniques. RVFY is focusing on ‘Giving Gratitude a Voice’ for the next few weeks and we are even running a 3 part teleseries on gratitude (you are welcome to join –  LINK for more information

Another quote from Gary Douglas, “Gratitude is a major power…”.     I could go on…

Hmm.  Maybe I should change my website name to zesty, grateful, healthy life?

Gratefully yours,