Your new best friend- Justan Ipov!

Do you ever wake up worrying? or thinking of all the things you ‘should’ do? or picture what could go wrong with such and such?  Or have those thoughts circling in your brain endlessly…endlessly…

Please meet your new best friend, Justan Ipov* (aka just an interesting point of view).  The next time you wake and worry, think of Justan and say to yourself a few times ‘interesting point of view I have that point of view, interesting point of view I have that point of view’ and, I promise, you will lighten the load! and the more you say it the lighter it will be.  Good friend, eh?

And, if your worry is with another person (or you’re in the middle of a ‘discussion’ with someone) say to yourself, ‘interesting point of view I have that point of view, interesting point of view they have that point of view’ over and over.  Trust me, it works!

The thing is – those thoughts are just thoughts you make up and you don’t have to embed them in stone – there are other possibilities.  However, until you make another choice (Justan Ipov) no other possibilities are possible. Does that make sense?

I’m not talking about the waking at 3am thinking, ‘I have to pick up the turkey tomorrow’.  I”m talking about the thoughts like, ‘I have to pick up the turkey, I’ll never remember, I’ve got too much to do, when will I fit that in? oh, did I get the right thing for Barb or will she think I’m cheap, Bob wrote me a card and I haven’t sent one to him, what if the cat gets sick again on the rug, I don’t have time to get it cleaned, is there enough food for the cat until payday????’ etc etc etc!!!  Try it!  When your thoughts start going crazy stop and remember Justan Ipov and say it over and over and, guess what?  Other possibilities start to emerge ‘oh, Jim is going to be going right by the butcher tomorrow, he can pick up the turkey’ and ‘I’ll send Bob one of those cute email cards, he’ll even get it on his phone’, etc. etc.

I’m going to be daring…and dare you to use Justan Ipov for everything for 3 days.  Every thought, every worry, every but or because.   When you do, text Zesty at 778-227-2257 with your results!

I’m so happy to introduce you to Justan Ipov, he’s my best friend, too!!

Your in ease…


*Thanks to Access Consciousness!  What is Access Consciousness?




Yep, you read that right!  Acknowledgize is a new word – combining acknowledge and actualize. Basically, if you want to create something new in your life, that is, actualize it into existence, then you need to acknowledge everything you’ve created so far.  When you set a goal and achieve it and you don’t acknowledge it, then you go back to the beginning to try to achieve it again, because you didn’t acknowledge that you already achieved it!

There are lots of personal development and business books that talk about ‘manifesting’ something but ‘manifest’ means how it shows up. ‘Actualize’  means that it shows up.  So all of us that have been saying for years, “I want to manifest $100,000 income this year” are actually saying, ” I want*  to how it shows up $100,000 this year”.  A more potent statement would be, “I choose to actualize $100,000 this year (and what would that take?)”

So, keeping with the income theme – what did you ‘actualize’ in 2015?  Have you truly acknowledged that or have you just judged yourself as not making enough? Please, stop for a few minutes and acknowledge that you are a potent creator – you actualized enough money last year to live, eat, be housed, own a computer (or how could you read this?), transport yourself to work and back, go to coffee shops, feed your cat, etc.  N.B. (and this is the important bit) WHEN YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU CREATED ALL THAT – THEN YOUR BEING REALIZES IT CAN CREATE AND ACTUALIZE EVEN GREATER, IF YOU CHOOSE!  (no intensity there…)

After acknowledging how amazing you are at creating – now you can ask, “what would it take to double that income, or more, in 2016??” (a few times a day is good without answering yourself or setting expectations of HOW). You will be amazed!  Ideas and projects and offers and people and gifts will head in your direction and, you can actualize more in many, amazing, unexpected ways.  Of course, you have to choose that and be willing to receive and have it…and then acknowledge it and actualize greater…

When you acknowledge, you’re actualizing, so it’s acknowledgizing.  (Gary Douglas)

How does it get any better than that?  Here’s a little video about acknowledging gratitude:  Click here


(*to want actually means to continually lack, but that’s another blog.)


To D or Not to D – no longer a question

Vitamin D

”If you had to choose a single nutrient that would help you ward off heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, dementia, influenza, bacterial infections, depression, insomnia, muscle weakness, fibromyalgia, osteomalacia, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, psoriasis, multiples sclerosis, and hypertension, it would be vitamin D”. (M. Holick, The Vitamin D Solution, Hudson Press). (Purchase book)

What?!? Isn’t thsunshine2at amazing!?! But why? Vitamin D has an effect on at least 200 human genes and is critical in the normal functioning of our immune system and cell division. When our cells are short of vitamin D, the processes of cell proliferation and differentiation become defective, and, remember, our body replaces 300,000 cells daily. This can lead to abnormal cell division and thus cancer growth (or other degenerative diseases).

Now for the science

More than 2,500 published studies confirm vitamin D’s role in the prevention of cancer. Let’s look at one example of the many recent scientific studies: A four year clinical trial was done that involved nearly 1,200 women. Subjects were assigned to take daily: 1,400 mg of calcium alone, OR 1,400 mg of calcium plus 1,100 IU of vitamin D, OR a placebo. After only 4 years, the risk of developing any type of cancer was 60% lower in the vitamin D group. If you excluded the cancers diagnosed in the first year (because these cancers were most likely already present before the study) there was a 77% reduction in all types of cancer in the vitamin D group. In fact, scientists at the University of California, San Diego, now contend that low vitamin D status may be the root cause of all cancers! Wow!

The ancients of Rome, Egypt, Greece, Peru, even North America all knew that sunlight was healing – they just didn’t know why. Since the turn of the 20th century scientists have known that the body synthesizes vitamin D from sunshine and exposure to sunshine cures many diseases. Unfortunately, everyone living outside of the tropics, or living a mostly indoor lifestyle, simply cannot get enough vitamin D from the sun. We must supplement and the consensus seems to be with at least 1,200iu daily. (Although Michael Holick suggests a daily dose of 2,000 – 5,000 iu is perfectly safe, and Dr. Christiane Northrup recommends 4,000iu daily)

And vitamin D doesn’t just cure – it’s a crucial ingredient for a healthy immune system so we can avoid illnesses like the ‘flu. Biochemist Lyle McWilliam, (founder of the NutriSearch Corp., and author of the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements) takes 7000iu of vitamin D daily during the ‘flu season instead of a ‘flu shot.

Don’t overlook happiness

And let’s not overlook the happiness piece…

My husband, Michael, has SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).   This normally charming and extroverted man was a snarly black cloud for six weeks every winter and very hard to live with! Four years ago I convinced him to start taking a high quality Vitamin D supplement (3,000-4,000 iu/day) and Michael is now his lovely, exuberant self all year ’round!  (This is the D we take)

I’ve just given you a tiny taste of why supplementing with Vitamin D is a must for us all in North America! (and, fyi, I’m a sun-avoiding redhead and take at least 4,000 iu vitamin Dᶾ daily, year-round!)

To D or not to D – no longer a question!

Yours, in happiness and health,


Moving words…

Moving words…

Well, we did it! We moved – lock, stock and meowing cat – from Vancouver to Victoria. And landed in a disaster zone – incomplete renovations, almost no electricity, no stove, very dirty windows and kitchen, no screen doors…(very apologetic landlord). And my husband was away on tour for the first week, so Kona cat and I camped out on the floor in one room (the movers had lost the unique bolts to put our bedframe together, too). I was stressed, to say the least, and very discouraged, but had two amazing companions to help me rise above: Our friend and neighbour, Barb, and Kona cat!

Barb was amazing – she cleaned, washed, and lined cupboards with me, well beyond when I would have stopped, and we got the kitchen ready for use! She and I heaved furniture and boxes around like navvies, rolled up the cardboard protecting the floor, unrolled our pretty carpets and set up the living room and dining room so Kona and I had somewhere else to live!

And Kona slept. He was sequestered for several hours every day so the electricians had free reign inside and out, and he didn’t protest – he just curled up and slept. So, I followed his example every day and napped while the drilling and banging continued. How does it get any better than that??

We’re still not complete unpacked and set up but, with my husband home and Barb and her brother Paul (equally as amazing), some of the rooms are painted, the windows are clean inside and out, the plants are transplanted – we’ve even had a dinner party!

I’m grateful for Barb and Paul and that I’ve learned to accept help graciously. I’m grateful for our beautiful new-to-us home (and the new stove!) and lovely new neighbourhood. And I’m very grateful for all of the de-stressing tools I have in my life! (

I wonder what can we create in our new space?

Ciao, Zesty



Judgement Day!

Judgement Day!

Well, actually judgement second, minute, day, week, month, year… What would it take for us to stop using judgement as the way we create our lives? Think about it – we judge our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, choices, to determine how we’re doing in life/biz/body/relationships, etc. We are continuously judging ourselves in order to decide what to do next. What if that is just an unkindness to ourselves? What if we chose gratitude and receiving and allowance instead? Would that lighten up your day and your world?

‘What?!’ you say. “How do we know what to do if we’re not judging ourselves every second?” Well, what if, when you made a choice, instead of judging you asked questions and used awareness as to whether you’re going in the right direction? Let’s use food for example: you’re running errands and walk by the bakery and dither about buying a croissant, and then go down the path of judging yourself as too fat, you shouldn’t make that choice, the butter is bad for your heart, etc. etc. Instead, ask your body if it would choose the croissant. My body said ‘no’ today, so I came home, chose grapes and a glass of water, and I was aware at how much more my body liked that choice!

May I offer another alternative to judgement: just to try for three days – and see what unfolds? Let’s use the body as an example: what if, every time you judged your body during the next three days, you said to yourself “That’s an interesting point of view. Body, I am so grateful for you and how you contribute to my life. I’m so grateful for your willingness to get up every morning and have energy to do things. I’m so grateful for your enjoyment of food and water and wine. I’m grateful for your strong legs that get me from place to place. I’m so grateful for my curves and curls.”etc. etc. You will be surprised how much better you feel and all the new empowering, acknowledging, even inspiring thoughts that come up and replace those judgement thoughts.

I am grateful to have Access Consciousness™ tools and techniques to play with and highly recommend them to everyone I meet! (and I even teach them, too!)  One of the things Access teaches is that when you have gratitude you have no judgement. How does it get any better than that?

Yours, in gratitude,






Doesn’t that sound lovely? What would it take to stress…less?

Do you have times and spaces in your life where you wonder if you can ever lose the stress? If you can ever have space to just ‘be’? If you want the world to stop, even if just for a day? If you live in a state of overwhelm and one more text will cause you to scream!!?

What else is possible?

What if a few simple tools* could to assist you to stress…less? Yes, even YOUR life could be less stressful!

First simple tool: “How does it get any better than this?™” When something bad happens; when something good happens; when overwhelm overwhelms – “How does it get any better than this?™” (ask it ten times, without answering it yourself, and see how the energy changes)

Second simple tool: “What else is possible?™” and “What else is possible here that I’m not getting?” (again, ask the question ten times and see what comes into your awareness)

Third simple tool: “What could I be or do different here to change this?” (10x)

Fourth simple (but we don’t think it’s simple) tool: Take an hour for yourself every day and be or do something joyful for you! (e.g., take a walk in nature, play music that makes you joyful and dance, read a great book, cook or bake something you love to eat, meet a friend for tea, have a massage, find a yoga nidra session, etc. etc.) If it means you have to get up earlier or stay up later, trust me, the joy you will create for yourself will make up for losing a bit of sleep (and, just maybe, it will help you sleep better!)

Too simple for complicated you? That’s an interesting point of view… What have you got to lose? Maybe a little stress!

With love,


* Huge gratitude to Access Consciousness™ for these life-changing tools!

Introducing Zesty Healthy Life!


Well, hello everyone!! I’m so pleased and proud and grateful to be introducing Zesty Healthy Life to the world! We, Carolyn Sinclair and my alter ego Zesty, are here to contribute to you and your health. What would it take for everyone to have a zesty (full of vim, vigor and vitality, joy and interest), healthy (body, mind, spirit, energy) life?

The idea for Zesty Healthy Life was conceived several years ago and I’ve had so much fun creating and generating it. When it was ready to be instituted I combined the artistic genius of Jeremy Dacombe, who truly read my mind when he created my Zesty avatars, and the computer/tech genius of Sarah Millen of and voila!!

There are endless health and exercise and diet websites and programs out there to join or follow, etc. Zesty and I are offering something a bit different. Yes, I have a long, zesty history of creating and enjoying health and a delightful coterie of support services to assist us all in achieving more zest, better health and glorious living:  medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, homeopaths, fitness instructors/personal trainers,  and an amazing group of energy healing practitioners (including me…)

But, perhaps more importantly, what I am offering is the idea of assisting you to create and choose something that truly works for you, with the collaboration of your body and your awareness. I am offering ideas and questions that can assist you to become your own personal health superhero.

What’s a personal health superhero you ask? (we all have one…) If we stop to ask our body what it would like to do or eat or nutrient or how it would like to move or energize or relax, and then listen to the answer, we can so much more easily create and enjoy joyful, zesty health. Instead we choose what we’re told we ‘should’ eat or do or not do and we ignore our inner ‘personal health superhero’ and create confusion and discomfort and dis-ease with ourselves. Zesty (my own personal health superhero) can assist you in unleashing your own personal health superhero and creating a zesty, healthy life for youyour way!


Action steps:

Contact me to set up a call/skype call to explore what we can create together for you. I offer a free 45 minute health and lifestyle consultation to start the process.

Write and ask questions to ‘Dear Zesty’. Zesty’s blog will answer questions, ask questions and open up possibilities to zestify your life!

Join our mailing list. (Zesty will keep it private, I promise)  Email to  and put “Mailing list” in the subject line.

Check out the links on each page – what would it take to be inspired to make changes?

Thanks for joining us!!

Carolyn and Zesty