My Joyful Cat!

Everything I learned about joy and receiving I learned from my cat, Kona.

It’s time to buy a new perch for him and we’re getting the same one we got last time, through Amazon.   I learned so much about being joyful and receiving fully the day I unpacked that perch!   I can’t wait for this one to arrive!

It was a big box – Kona, of course, jumped on it and sniffed.  Then I opened the box and he knew!   Somehow he knew it was for him!  As I put every piece together he writhed and wriggled in joy!  He swarmed through the tube part when it was still on the ground!  And as the perch grew upwards he jumped upwards and twined around it (and me) – purring madly.     It was such a lesson to me of receiving with joy.   He didn’t stop to say, ‘oh, you shouldn’t have’, or ‘that’s too much’, or ‘all of this for me?’ or ‘what can I give you in return?’.   He just received it with pure joy!

And it started me wondering – when did or do I receive like that?   With total gratitude and joy?

And you?  Do you receive gifts or affection or the sun on your face after a long rainy winter or the singing of the birds or kindness from a friend…or…or…or…with unadulterated joy and gratitude?

What would it take for each of us to receive with joy everything that comes our way?  The good, the bad, the ugly and the miraculous?   To receive each day as a gift and be joyful?   I have realized – it is just a choice!   What do you choose?  Do you get that it would change your life? (and maybe your money situation and relationships and more)?

As for me and my cat – we’re going to joyfully watch out the window for the delivery truck! And purr…

With joy and gratitude,

Zesty and Kona


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