Zesty Nutrition – A Different Approach

foodWhat would it take to increase joy, pleasure and ease in our daily nutrition, and decrease the feeling of being buffeted and confused by endless streams of advice, fads and opinions on ‘what we should eat’? Zesty has some thoughts:

What would it take to be more aware of what makes your body happy? It might actually be more vegetables or more protein at each meal. Is it more fibre each day? Is it chocolate and almonds at 3pm or a glass of water with lemon when you get up in the morning? Are you willing to ask your body what it requires and listen to the response (and then follow that direction?) This process could be started at the grocery store so you have happy choices each time you’re hungry. Try this exercise: While at the grocery store go up to, say, the apple section and ask your body, ‘Body, would you like some apples?’ and your body will feel ‘lighter’ (and you might even smile) or it will feel heavier (like in the pit of your stomach). Choose what makes your body feel lighter. This may seem tedious, but if you practice this process, it gets easier and more instantaneous. And yes, when you go down the ice cream aisle you may smile and your mind might choose the chocolate mint, but, still ask the question, ‘Truth: Body, would ice cream be a contribution to you?’ Sometimes ice cream is a contribution – your body will know. (and, for more information on this approach to nutrition, please email Zesty to book a 45 minute, free chat)

Make some new choices each time you shop rather than falling into habits that might not be contributing to your nutritional well-being. I recently chose to explore a new vegetable to me – kohlrabi. I checked out some new recipes on-line and now have some new favourite dishes. Recipe  What about investing in a dehydrator and make your own kale or potato or apple chips. (Even my kale disdaining husband loves my kale chips!)

Our 50+ Trillion cells require a banquet of nutrition each day to be in optimal, zesty health. Unfortunately, we know, even with the best of intentions, we aren’t getting all the nutrition we need from the foods we purchase today. Soils are depleted and even organic produce for most of the year travels so far to our tables that the benefit to our cells is negligible. An easy solution is to supplement our diet with a top quality multivitamin/mineral, clean Omega-3s and Vitamin D. This is what Zesty recommends – The Essentials – and it arrives at your door – how does it get any better than that?

National Nutrition month is nearly over – what would it take to zestify your nutrition every month? I hope my facebook posts and this blog have given you some ideas.

I’m off to sauté some baby beet greens as a salad base for lunch…

Yours in delicious, optimal health,


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Mike Jarvis said:

March 31, 2016 at 5:49 am

Great post!

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