Zesty can coach about eating more vegetables and more raw food (both usually excellent choices) and drinking more water, but you can get that information many places.

Zesty is all about Healthy, Conscious Eating. What if you had no past with food?  I wonder what different choices you would make each day if you asked your body, ‘Body, if we had no past with food, what would you like to eat right now?’ and then paid attention to the answer/awareness? For example, when I ask that question at breakfast time, I often get the awareness that my body would like a salad! Salad for breakfast…? When I listen and make a salad my body feels energized and happy and filled with ease (my digestion, too!).

Maybe your body just wants a few bites of that sandwich to be satisfied but you finish it anyway because that’s what we’re supposed to do. What if you paid attention to each bite and, when the taste changes from delicious to ho-hum (an indicator that your body has had what it requires) you stopped eating? Are you willing to experiment?

Judging ourselves and our bodies and our choices and making ourselves wrong constantly is very toxic and stressful and unkind and, therefore, very unhealthy. I am choosing to take a different, more joyful and conscious (and fun) way of eating and invite you to step into that world, too.

Would you be willing to do an exercise with me on conscious eating? It’ll take about half an hour and there is no charge for my time! We can do it in person or via skype. (it requires a little bit of ingredients preparation on your part if we skype). It just might change your relationship with food…

Another great exercise/experience is conscious eating at a restaurant. Again, easy to do in person with me (obviously there will be food costs) but it’s also possible to walk you through it via skype.

What if you had no past with food? What would it take to have a joyful, healthful, delicious present with food and nourishing your body?