Whatever you do, don’t listen to Carolyn’s interview on Voice America – as guest on the Healthy Energy show with Margo Nielsen!

“Learn tools to use for every moment and every situation every day. These are simple techniques to make your life easier and more joyful. Tried and true and transforming. Tune in to hear how you can apply these tools to your life!”

Click here to have a listen:  Change, It really can be easy on Voice America 


Whatever you do – don’t choose ease for you!


And, have you seen the interview, Fulfilling Relationships – What are you choosing for your love life?

with Zesty being interviewed by Brooke Hunter on Female.com.au:

“Some people find the key to a great love life in the pages of a self-help book. For others, all it takes is a weekend seminar, or a deep-and-meaningful conversation with a trusted advisor. For communication and relationship mentor, Carolyn Sinclair, it was just three little words that forever changed her perspective on relationships and helped her discover more happiness and fulfilment in her marriage….”


Click here to read the full interview:  Fulfilling Relationships – What are you choosing for your love life?