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We are asking more of our body than ever before – think about it: our frenetic pace of life, the synthetic substances we use each day, confusing food options, pollution and toxins that surround us every day, etc. etc. Those stresses take nutrients away from the wellness process. Stress activates the aging and degeneration processes. Our energy gets compromised so even the nutrients we are consuming don’t get used properly

Our 50 Trillion+ cells communicate only when proper nutrients are present. A billion chemical reactions take place every second and the right substances/nutrients must be present for those reactions to be healthy. Our body doesn’t tell us we’re nutrient deficient – it just loses its edge, loses energy.

The Canadian Medical Association and JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association), two conservative organizations, say it is ‘prudent’ for us to take nutritional supplements and many of us are. But how do you choose? There are so many brands on the market and so much marketing – how can you know whether you are actually getting any nutritional support? 51% of supplements tested don’t even dissolve in the body (my nurse friends call them bedpan bullets!). Government regulations are loose and not very helpful for the consumer…

Zesty has a recommendation:

Twenty-five years ago Carolyn was struck with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and  lost all quality of life. It wasn’t until a friend insisted that she go to a naturopath and start taking good nutritional supplements that she got her life back (and started learning about nutrition and nutritional supplementation)! Fast forward 20 years, a move to Vancouver, and another friend insisted Carolyn try USANA Health Sciences supplements. She immediately saw the science, started taking the products and, to her joy, got those 25 years back!

So, USANA Health Sciences is the product line Zesty (Carolyn)  trusts and recommends and represents!  USANA products are FDA certified pharmaceutical grade and rated #1 in the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements, etc.

Let’s talk about supplementation – what you’re taking now (or not), what could support and optimize your health every day, what could come underneath those gaps in your diet.  Here’s a little video about the USANA ‘CellSentials’ (no ordinary multi vit/min).  Click here