Flying-DandelionsTestimonials for Zesty, Carolyn and Zesty Healthy Life:


“I’m just not getting stressed like I always have done. And that’s after only one session!  I can’t wait for my whole family to have sessions with you. Thank you Carolyn!”  KV, Victoria, BC


“This shit works!”  JM, Victoria, BC


“Thank you so much! I have felt noticeably more relaxed since our session.”  AW, Victoria, BC



“Thanks to Carolyn, the Bars™ and Access Consciousness™ tools, joy, clarity and focus are now mine!  I just don’t sweat the small stuff anymore.”  MGJ, Vancouver, BC



“I’ve had a hard, tight feeling in my chest for years, it was just part of me, I thought – after our last session I realized it is gone!!  Wow!  Thank you so much!”  SL, Victoria, BC



  “Already a program was deleted. I was in London Drugs and usually couldn’t stand Christmas songs so early, but it made me happy and I sang it all the way home. yahoo….” S.R., Vancouver, BC



 “I want to thank you so much for the great class you ran for us today. You are a really good teacher and you provide a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. The day actually flew by. Here’s to a joyful future of clearing and receiving.” E.J., Vancouver, BC



“That was awesome releasing we did today!!…Lots of clearing. Lifetimes times a godzillion unravelled and rewritten.” CH, Vancouver Island, BC