Introducing Zesty Healthy Life!


Well, hello everyone!! I’m so pleased and proud and grateful to be introducing Zesty Healthy Life to the world! We, Carolyn Sinclair and my alter ego Zesty, are here to contribute to you and your health. What would it take for everyone to have a zesty (full of vim, vigor and vitality, joy and interest), healthy (body, mind, spirit, energy) life?

The idea for Zesty Healthy Life was conceived several years ago and I’ve had so much fun creating and generating it. When it was ready to be instituted I combined the artistic genius of Jeremy Dacombe, who truly read my mind when he created my Zesty avatars, and the computer/tech genius of Sarah Millen of and voila!!

There are endless health and exercise and diet websites and programs out there to join or follow, etc. Zesty and I are offering something a bit different. Yes, I have a long, zesty history of creating and enjoying health and a delightful coterie of support services to assist us all in achieving more zest, better health and glorious living:  medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, homeopaths, fitness instructors/personal trainers,  and an amazing group of energy healing practitioners (including me…)

But, perhaps more importantly, what I am offering is the idea of assisting you to create and choose something that truly works for you, with the collaboration of your body and your awareness. I am offering ideas and questions that can assist you to become your own personal health superhero.

What’s a personal health superhero you ask? (we all have one…) If we stop to ask our body what it would like to do or eat or nutrient or how it would like to move or energize or relax, and then listen to the answer, we can so much more easily create and enjoy joyful, zesty health. Instead we choose what we’re told we ‘should’ eat or do or not do and we ignore our inner ‘personal health superhero’ and create confusion and discomfort and dis-ease with ourselves. Zesty (my own personal health superhero) can assist you in unleashing your own personal health superhero and creating a zesty, healthy life for youyour way!


Action steps:

Contact me to set up a call/skype call to explore what we can create together for you. I offer a free 45 minute health and lifestyle consultation to start the process.

Write and ask questions to ‘Dear Zesty’. Zesty’s blog will answer questions, ask questions and open up possibilities to zestify your life!

Join our mailing list. (Zesty will keep it private, I promise)  Email to  and put “Mailing list” in the subject line.

Check out the links on each page – what would it take to be inspired to make changes?

Thanks for joining us!!

Carolyn and Zesty


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