Judgement Day!

Judgement Day!

Well, actually judgement second, minute, day, week, month, year… What would it take for us to stop using judgement as the way we create our lives? Think about it – we judge our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, choices, to determine how we’re doing in life/biz/body/relationships, etc. We are continuously judging ourselves in order to decide what to do next. What if that is just an unkindness to ourselves? What if we chose gratitude and receiving and allowance instead? Would that lighten up your day and your world?

‘What?!’ you say. “How do we know what to do if we’re not judging ourselves every second?” Well, what if, when you made a choice, instead of judging you asked questions and used awareness as to whether you’re going in the right direction? Let’s use food for example: you’re running errands and walk by the bakery and dither about buying a croissant, and then go down the path of judging yourself as too fat, you shouldn’t make that choice, the butter is bad for your heart, etc. etc. Instead, ask your body if it would choose the croissant. My body said ‘no’ today, so I came home, chose grapes and a glass of water, and I was aware at how much more my body liked that choice!

May I offer another alternative to judgement: just to try for three days – and see what unfolds? Let’s use the body as an example: what if, every time you judged your body during the next three days, you said to yourself “That’s an interesting point of view. Body, I am so grateful for you and how you contribute to my life. I’m so grateful for your willingness to get up every morning and have energy to do things. I’m so grateful for your enjoyment of food and water and wine. I’m grateful for your strong legs that get me from place to place. I’m so grateful for my curves and curls.”etc. etc. You will be surprised how much better you feel and all the new empowering, acknowledging, even inspiring thoughts that come up and replace those judgement thoughts.

I am grateful to have Access Consciousness™ tools and techniques to play with and highly recommend them to everyone I meet! (and I even teach them, too!)  www.accessconsciousness.com  One of the things Access teaches is that when you have gratitude you have no judgement. How does it get any better than that?

Yours, in gratitude,



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July 7, 2015 at 11:04 pm

I enjoy reading your blog Caroline, great stuff! How we judge ourselves!
I do practice it….sometimes just would catch myself in time, not to judge me.
Keep well. Hugs.

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