Moving words…

Moving words…

Well, we did it! We moved – lock, stock and meowing cat – from Vancouver to Victoria. And landed in a disaster zone – incomplete renovations, almost no electricity, no stove, very dirty windows and kitchen, no screen doors…(very apologetic landlord). And my husband was away on tour for the first week, so Kona cat and I camped out on the floor in one room (the movers had lost the unique bolts to put our bedframe together, too). I was stressed, to say the least, and very discouraged, but had two amazing companions to help me rise above: Our friend and neighbour, Barb, and Kona cat!

Barb was amazing – she cleaned, washed, and lined cupboards with me, well beyond when I would have stopped, and we got the kitchen ready for use! She and I heaved furniture and boxes around like navvies, rolled up the cardboard protecting the floor, unrolled our pretty carpets and set up the living room and dining room so Kona and I had somewhere else to live!

And Kona slept. He was sequestered for several hours every day so the electricians had free reign inside and out, and he didn’t protest – he just curled up and slept. So, I followed his example every day and napped while the drilling and banging continued. How does it get any better than that??

We’re still not complete unpacked and set up but, with my husband home and Barb and her brother Paul (equally as amazing), some of the rooms are painted, the windows are clean inside and out, the plants are transplanted – we’ve even had a dinner party!

I’m grateful for Barb and Paul and that I’ve learned to accept help graciously. I’m grateful for our beautiful new-to-us home (and the new stove!) and lovely new neighbourhood. And I’m very grateful for all of the de-stressing tools I have in my life! (

I wonder what can we create in our new space?

Ciao, Zesty




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